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Changing Your Display Name in Google

Your Google display name will not automatically update, you will need to change it on the Google About Me page.

Configure Gmail Inbox View

Configure the Gmail inbox to view tabs for the message categories of primary, social, promotions, updates, and forums.

Create Notes Using Google Keep

How to access Google Keep and create a note.

Creating a Work Profile in Google Chrome

Creating a Google Chrome profile to help manage personal and work browsing data

Gmail Mobile Device Permissions for Faculty & Staff

Mobile device permissions enforced by the GRCC IT Security department

Initial G Suite Login Procedure

Initial logon procedure for the Gmail pilot

Managing Task Lists in G Suite

Create a task list within a Google Suite application that includes a due date and subtasks.

Setting your GRCC Google Account as Default

The first Google account you sign in with will be your "default" account for that browser profile

Spell Check in Gmail and Google Suite

Access spell check while composing a new message in Gmail and from the toolbar in Google Suite applications.

Syncing GRCC Chrome Profiles

Syncing your chrome profile data with Google Chrome