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Approving a Faculty Performance Evaluation

Instructions on Approving Faculty Performance Evaluations.

Carrying Student IDs

How to change default settings when PeopleSoft is holding over student ID numbers from one page to another.

Changing your PeopleSoft Password

Changing your PeopleSoft password via the Password Reset Tool, or by contacting IT Support

FPE- Unable to edit on a Specific Tab

A customer is unable to edit a specific tab in their Faculty Performance Evaluation (FPE)

How to Enter Final Grades

Instructions for entering final grades into Peoplesoft.

How to find server information when in PeopleSoft

How to find the server information within CSProd, HRProd, FSProd, and Online Center.

Job Applicant Sign in/Account Creation Password Field Adding Additional Characters

Additional characters are not actually being added, it is just visually displaying a random number of dots as a security feature.

Look Up Student Schedule

Locating a student schedule in CSProd using the Student Services Center tool.

PeopleSoft not Loading / Menus not Opening

Clearing web data to ensure a fresh start in the new PeopleSoft environment.

PeopleSoft Training And Support Resources

PeopleSoft training and support resources

Recovering a file

The process of recovering a PeopleSoft file.

Submitting a Faculty Performance Evaluation

Instructions on accessing and submitting FPEs.

Unable to Link Documents in PeopleSoft

Troubleshooting error messages while linking in Perceptive Content, Internet Explorer is no longer required.

Unable to Login/Reset Password for External Job Application

Logging in or resetting a password in the external applicant job portal