PeopleSoft not Loading / Menus not Opening


When logging into PeopleSoft after an upgrade, the menus won't open or the page will not load.
When clicking the CSProd tile I get an "unable to load homepage" error message. 


  • PeopleSoft CS/HR/FSProd
  • Online Center


Clearing cookies and cache will resolve most issues with logging in and navigating using the new version of Peoplesoft.

For detailed instructions see the knowledge article on Clearing Cookies and Cache

If cookies and cache doesn't work:

  1. Log into the last successful environment
  2. Log out completely from the environment
    1. Click 
    2. Click Sign Out
  3. Access new environment from the portal


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Mon 3/12/18 8:49 AM
Wed 1/31/24 11:23 AM

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