MyGRCC Single Sign-On (SSO) Portal

All information regarding the new MyGRCC Single Sign-On (SSO) Portal

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Applications included in MyGRCC Portal for employees

This article contains a list of tiles that GRCC employees may have access to in their MyGRCC portal.

Changing Default Multi-Factor Delivery Method

By default, when prompting to use Multi-Factor Authentication, a one time passcode will be sent to the personal email address on file. You can update this to be any of the recovery methods previously set up (phone, mobile authenticator)

Customize MyGRCC Tile Order

The order of tiles within the MyGRCC portal are set on the backend and not customizable.

How to use Google Authenticator

Specific Instructions on how to use the Google Authenticator as a recovery option for the MyGRCC Portal

Logging in to the Online Student Center

How to get logged into the Online Student Center

MyGRCC (Campus Network) Account

Overview of the MyGRCC account (formerly called Campus Network account)

MyGRCC First Time User Login

How to set up your first time password at GRCC

Password Not Working after Expiration Prompt

Getting an error message when logging into MyGRCC after expired password was updated because the password is not syncing.

Recover Forgotten Username and/or Password

Recovering username and password using Password Self Service

Set Up Password Recovery Information in MyGRCC

Instructions for updating or setting password recovery information.

Setting up a Mobile Authenticator

Instructions on setting up a mobile authenticator

Signing into the MyGRCC Portal with Multi-Factor Authentication

How to login to the MyGRCC Portal using Multi-Factor Authentication.

Unable to confirm phone number on MyGRCC Portal

Instructions on how to remove a registered phone number in the MyGRCC portal that you no longer has access to.

Unable to log into MyGRCC using Apple Devices

There are some issues with the MyGRCC portal while using safari. We recommend using another browser or updating Safari.

Updating Password with Password Self Service

How to update a known password using the password reset tool

Updating the email address/phone number for MyGRCC portal

This article contains instructions on how to update your email address and phone number through the MyGRCC portal for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) purposes.

What applications are included in Student MyGRCC Portal

Applications that are in the MyGRCC Portal for students with the Student Group in supervault.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds an additional layer of security to your account in case your password is stolen.