Recover Forgotten Username and/or Password


I forgot my username and/or password what do I do?



  • Password Reset Tool
  • MyGRCC



Password Self-Service is GRCC's Password Reset system. 

Along with a few other systems, this tool will reset your password for: 

  • Online Center
  • Blackboard
  • Email
  • PeopleSoft (CS/HR/FSProd)
  • Campus Computers
  • WiFi  

There are two ways to access the password reset system

  1. - Web based and can be accessed anywhere to reset passwords.
  2. Lookup profile - Can only be accessed on campus computers and primarily used when a user gets locked out of the workstation.

If this is your first time logging in please follow the First Time User Instructions

If you know your current password please follow the Update Password Instructions



Recover Username

  1. Go to
  2. Click Forgot username
  3. Enter ID# (without the W)
  4. Enter Birthdate
    1. Must be formatted as (MM/DD/YYYY) including slashes
  5. Click Continue
    1. Make note of your username
  6. Click Please login with this username

Recover Password

  1. Click Forgot Password
  2. Enter Username
  3. Chose one of the two options:
    • 3 Challenge Answers
      1. Choose 3 Challenge Answers
      2. Click Continue
      3. Select Challenge Question
      4. Enter Challenge Answers
      5. Repeat for all requested 
      6. Enter New Password
      7. Confirm Password
      8. Click Continue
    • 2nd Factor / One Time Passcode
      1. Choose 2nd Factor / One Time Passcode
      2. Click Continue
      3. A One Time Passcode will be emailed to the personal email address we have on file
        1. If you are unable to access personal email, click Problems with this authentication option? and choose a different authentication option.
      4. Enter The One Time Passcode
      5. Click Continue


Campus Computer

From a campus computer type "lookup" in both the username and password fields to launch the same password recovery tool as above in a locked browser.


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