Emergency notification system capable of sending users text, voice, and email messages

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Pinned Article What is RAVE

What is Rave and how you may benefit from signing up for it.

Changing your RAVE password

Updating your RAVE alert password if you already know your current password.

Forgotten RAVE Password or Username

Instructions for retrieiving a lost username and/or password to log into RAVE.

RAVE Groups

Defines what a channel is and how you can utilize them.

Registering for RAVE Alerts

How to setup/register/access your emergency alert system or RAVE Alert account.

Unsubscribing from Rave Text Messaging

How to unsubscribe from the Rave text messaging service.

Updating Prefered RAVE Alerts Preferences

Changing your prefered email address in the RAVE alert system.