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Cisco Phone Voicemail

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Call Transfer

How to use the softkeys on a Cisco phone to transfer a call

CISCO Headset Not Answering Phone

Properly power cycling the headset with the power still connected will resolve this issue.

Cisco Phone Features

How to use Hold, Do Not Disturb, iDivert, and Call Park features on your Cisco phone.

Forwarding Voicemails

Options for forwarding Voicemail on a Cisco IP Phone

Logging in and out of the Cisco IP Phones

Instructions on how to log in and out of the Cisco IP phones.

Pairing Plantronic Headsets for Conferencing/Call Shadowing

Connecting multiple headsets for local conference call and call monitoring for training purposes

Rebooting a Cisco IP Phone

How to do a soft reboot or a hard reboot on a Cisco IP Phone when an issue arises

Requesting and Configuring a Conference Line

The Information Technology department now offers a permanent conference solution for each individual person on campus. Once you request the “conference now” feature, you will be able to use it to host conferences at any time and from anywhere.

Softkey Explanation for Cisco Phones

Explanation of the softkeys on your Cisco phone.

Updating and Verifying Departmental Phone Hours

The phone hours update and verification line allows you to review your current phone hours and update them if necessary.