Cisco IP Phone Audio Levels


The audio for my video meeting is muffled when I'm logged into my IP Phone at the same time. I would like to adjust the audio behavior in Windows.



  • Cisco IP Phone
  • Windows 



When using the Cisco IP Phone, it will by default automatically lower all other audio sources, i.e. Google Meet, Zoom, Online Videos, etc.



The audio levels can be adjusted manually through Windows system sound settings.

  1. Click Start Menu
  2. In search bar, type Change System Sounds
  3. Click on the Communications tab
  4. If the setting is set to anything other than Do nothing change it to Do Nothing 
    • If the setting already says Do Nothing, change it to another selection and then click Apply 
    • Then, change it back do Do Nothing
  5. Click OK



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Wed 3/10/21 4:12 PM
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