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Accessory Requests

Request computer peripherals, wireless accessories, etc.

Account Orientation

Request orientation on one or more of GRCC's student or staff accounts.

Adobe Creative Cloud Access

Use this form to request access to Adobe Named User Licensing.


Bitlocker Password Recovery

Request to have your Bitlocker Encryption Key recovered.

Blackboard External User Request

Request for access to Blackboard by an external user.

Blackboard Organization Request

Requests regarding organizations within Blackboard.

Blackboard Template Course Request

Request for access to course templates within Blackboard.


Calendar Feeds

Chrome Web Extension Review

Web browsers offer a multitude of extensions to improve work productivity. Request specific Chrome extensions to be reviewed and implemented.

Closed Captioning Request

Request closed captioning for an existing video.

Conference Line Request

Request a conference line for non-GRCC faculty or staff to call in at any time without making prior arrangements through IT.

Conference Phone Request

Information Technology provides voice over internet protocol (VoIP) telephony for on campus conferencing needs.


GRCC IT puts an exceptional focus on customer success. We are available to offer you consulting on any of our services to make you more proficient.

CS / FSProd Account


Data Correction / Modification Request

Correct and up-to-date information in 25Live is crucial to its effectiveness.

Data Migration

Copying or moving of data from one instance of PeopleSoft to another (e.g. CSTST to CS9PROD)

Data Modification Request

Update GRCC Digital signage data.

Department Network Drive Request- New, Modification, or Audit

Request a new network drive folder be created, modification to a current network shared drive (J or S), or request an audit of current network drive rights.

Digital Signage - Report an Issue

See an issues with one of our campus digital signs? Use this service to report an issue!

Directory Update

Request an update to the employee phone directory.

Document Creation

Request additional types of documents be added to Perceptive Content.

Document Search

Perceptive Content allows you to search for documents that have been indexed.

Door Access

Request access to GRCC buildings.

Duplication Service

Use this form to request a copy or digital transfer of a tape or DVD, the creation of a digital media file, or an online link to an existing program.


Email - Report an Issue

For issues with Gmail

Employee Separation

Request removal of employee network and hardware rights.

Equipment Move

Reconfigure office setup, temporary office moves, and office relocations.

Event Support

Request a sound system, video projection system, multimedia or video conference setup for events on campus.

Event Support Request

Request Information Technology resources for your on or off campus events.


Fax Line Request

Request a fax line for use with College business.


GRCC faculty, staff, and students can use Filelocker to conveniently and securely share files with other people both on and off campus. Filelocker is the recommended method for sharing large files.


G Suite Marketplace Add-on Request

Web browsers offer a multitude of add-ons to improve work productivity. Request specific Marketplace add-ons to be reviewed and implemented.

General Security Concerns

Request to be contacted by the the IT Information Security Officer regarding collection or analysis of sensitive data.

Gmail Web Access

Access the web-portal for staff email.

Google Account Assistance

Request assistance from technical staff to support your GRCC Google Account.

Google Drive

Google Drive is Google's file storage and sharing solution.

Google Group Request

Google Groups allow you to communicate with large groups of people at GRCC.

Google Hangouts Chat

Access Hangouts Chat. Google Hangouts Chat is a cloud messaging platform built for teams. Hangouts Chat makes it easy for teams to be able to get their work done in one place.

GroupWise Archive

Access GroupWise archive.

Guest Access

Information Technology offers access to campus computers and the GRCC wireless / wired networks.


Hardware Maintenance & Support

Request assistance with hardware related problems and issues.

Help and Training


Instructional Software Requests

Request new software, upgrades, additional licenses and uninstalls for software in a classroom, lab, laptop cart or instructor station.

International Travel Security Check

Several technical issues may arise when traveling internationally. If you are leaving the country and plan to access any GRCC resources, we recommend you allow us to check for conflicts.


Java - Information / License Request

Request information or license for using Java JRE and JDK.


Loaner Laptop Cart Request - when more than one laptop is needed

Check-out a laptop cart for classroom, single-day use.

Loaner Laptop Request

This service is available to faculty, adjuncts, staff, contingents, and student employees. Students requiring a loaner laptop should check out loaners through the library.

Loaner Request

Request a short or long term loaner computer, and multimedia equipment.


Microsoft Office 365

GRCC Students and Staff are eligible for a free Microsoft Office 365 account with an active GRCC email address. Use this service to create your account today!


Name Change

Request a network username change to match your new legal name.

New Computer Request

Request a new computer for staff, labs, laptop carts, and tablets.

New Installation Request

Service to request a consultation for acquiring a new digital sign on campus.

New Location Request

Use this form to add information for a new location in 25Live. Enter all data you have available. A physical survey of the location may take place in order to complete location information. Follow-up may include additional questions about security and scheduling for this location.


Operational Software Requests

Request new software, software access, upgrades, and uninstall assistance for software on a faculty or staff computer.


Password Reset

Reset your network account password.


Report a suspicious email to Information Technology

Phone Hardware Request

Request a new phone for an employee.

Production Request

Submit a media production request to record an event on behalf of your department.

Program Change

A change to an existing program or process such as an SQR, Application Engine, or PeopleCode program.

Project Request

Submit a project request to Information Technology.

Pyramid Login Request

Blackboard analytics reporting tool.


Query Request

Development or modification of a PeopleSoft Query.


Refund Request

Request a refund from your RaiderCard.

Replacement / Upgrade Request

Request a computer replacement or upgrade.

Report an Incident

Submit an incident report to Information Technology.

Report Request

Requests pertaining to reports within the data warehouse.

Report Request

Requests pertaining to reports within MyDegreePath.

Report Request

Development or modification of an existing SQR or BI Publisher report.

Report Security Threat or a Potential Breach

Report bugs, phishing attempts, malware and other security related concerns,


Request access to existing reports or creation of new reports.

Request Blackboard Transact Account

Manage an all-in-one campus cashless payment card (credential) and door access solution that gives the campus community a seamless, secure campus experience.

Request Cisco Mobile Voice Access

Mobile Voice Access is used to make calls from a single phone line using a personal device. It also includes the option activate Mobile Connect which rings your personal device when your desk phone rings that line. This is an excellent alternative for call forwarding a single line as well.

Request CRM Account

Request an administrative account to the GRCC CRM.

Request Data Warehouse Account

Request Email Alias

An alias is a way to disguise an email address. Everything sent to an alias email address is actually received in the primary email account's inbox.

Request Email Distribution List / Rights

A distribution list is a feature of GroupWise that allows a user to maintain a list of email addresses and send messages to all of them at once.

Request FileLocker Account

GRCC faculty and staff can use Filelocker to conveniently and securely share files with other people both on and off campus. Filelocker is the recommended method for sharing large files.

Request Knowledge Article Addition

The IT Knowledge Base (frequently referred to as the KB) offers quick access to articles designed to provide "how-to" steps and helpful answers to common questions about technology here at Grand Rapids Community College. Used to increase user self-independence, IT documents all commonly identified errors to support hardware and software issues, processes and procedures followed by the IT department. 

If an article is not found in the KB, submit your idea for one here.

Request My Degree Path Account

My Degree Path is a web-based tool designed to help students stay on a clear path to graduation. It enables students and advisors to review coursework — past, present and future — and evaluate which degree requirements have been completed and which remain to be completed. It can be accessed by staff and students by logging into the Online Center.

Request Non-Student Computer Permit

Non-GRCC students will be required to purchase a permit card to use computers on campus. Permits may be purchased at the ATC Open Computer Lab.

Request Printer Service

Report a malfunctioning printer.

Request SARS Grid Account

An appointment scheduling and drop-in system to meet the needs of counselors, academic advisors, tutors, faculty, administrators, support staff, and students.

Request Shared Network Drive Rights

Request additional Shared Network drive rights.

Request Siteimprove Account

Detect and correct instances of accessibility throughout the College’s website.

Request VPN Access

GRCC's VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides direct access to the college's shared drives and on campus required resources such as the use of the Cisco Softphone. Requests are limited to staff with prior supervisor approval.

Request Web Editing Rights

Used to request editing rights on a GRCC website page.

Retiree Email Account

Retired GRCC faculty and staff are eligible to request their email account be converted to an to retain communication with the college.

Routing Modification Request

Request a routing change to your Perceptive Content document queue.


Scanner Request / Installation

Request a Perceptive Content Scanner be added or moved.

Schedule Hardware Collection

Schedule hardware to be collected due to retirement, position changes and other situations.


Security and Data Modification Request

Requests for security creation and modification.

Software Maintenance & Support

Request assistance with software related problems and issues.

SSRS Login Request

SQL Server Reporting Services

Submit Network Account Provision Form

Form used when requesting any type of network account modification and rights provisioning including new hires, transfers, additional access, etc.


Telephony Programming Request

Request new or modifications to voicemail, Cisco Finesse call trees, or other telephony systems.


Upload Form


Video Conferencing Request

Requests regarding video conferencing and required equipment.

Virus / Malware

Information Technology's malware handling procedures.

VPN Network Drive Exemption

This form allows supervisors to provide justification for retaining network drive access via the VPN for their employees.


Web Content Edits and Development

Content development includes writing, editing and reviewing website content, and organizing it on the site to best support our institutional mission.

Use this service to request assistance with developing web content.

Web Editor Training

Website editors have access to create and edit content for department websites. The editor role requires a one hour group training to provide the basic information about the editorial process and content development tools.

Website Access Request

Website Access Requests allow us to grant you access to the area of the college’s website that best fits your role and position.

Website Technical Support

Technical support covers request for advanced development, as well as troubleshooting.  Users who manage other systems can request custom integrations as well.