Department Network Drive Request- New, Modification, or Audit


Network drives include a personal J:/ Drive and a shared S:/ Drive.

While it is common practice to save things locally on your computer’s desktop or ‘My Documents’ directory for convenience, any GRCC work files that would be painstaking to recreate should be kept in the J: and S: Network File storage for long term storage. To protect the integrity and availability of GRCC data stored on the Network Drives, IT performs daily backups to all shared drives. This provides the capability of a data restore in the event that files are accidentally moved, deleted, or altered, and reduces the risk of a user losing data via the failure of a workstation. If this happens, then you can login to another GRCC campus computer to access your data on the mapped J: and S: Network Storage locations.

Sites like Dropbox are not suitable for the security of private data such as student personal information, grades, or other institutional data; as the college does not have a contractual expectation of privacy with those services. GRCC's Network File storage locations are a secure storage solution for GRCC data.

Key Features

  • Staff and Faculty at GRCC are strongly encouraged to utilize network drive storage resources. Using the network drive storage mapped to your computer's J: and S: storage locations protects the security, integrity, and availability of the data and files used for work related productivity and tasks.  This is used to request:
  • New drive folder
  • Request a File Share audit 
    • Note: The owner of the share is set during creation of the share. The owner is the only individual that can approve modification or request File Share audit associated with owned shares.


  • This service is available to all faculty and staff.


  • Requests for modification and audits must be submitted by the Drive drive owner which is set during the creation of the drive,
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Tue 5/30/17 2:32 PM
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