Project Requests

NOTICE: Beginning July 1, 2023 - All project requests must be accompanied by an EBCO sign-off form. This form must be attached to the "Files" section of the project request before any work will begin on your request. You may access this form HERE.

Project Request Intake Process

  1. Clients should use the "Project Request Form" button on the right hand side of this page to access the project request form.
  2. Please complete the request form as accurately and detailed as possible. (Detailed instructions are attached to this service page, click HERE to access them)
  3. Once request has been submitted, clients can expect to have a business case review scheduled within 2 weeks.
  4. The business case review meeting, along with the data collected through the project request form will determine the appropriate project request type.

Project Request Types

Projects are categorized into 3 types based on: length of time required to complete project, quantity and complexity of integrations, stakeholder impact and applicable purchase cost. The table below illustrates the rubric which will be used to categorize each request. All requests are scheduled for a preliminary review within 14 days, the table below illustrates the amount of time until a full review will be completed.

Project Level Length of Time Cost Integrations Impact Full Review Schedule
Level 1 - Small Project Requests < 3 months total < $25,000 0-1 0-24% stakeholder impact Monthly
Level 2 - Medium Project Requests < 6 months total < $25,000 multiple 25-49% stakeholder impact Quarterly
Level 3 - Large Project Requests >= 0-6 months total >= $25,000 multiple 50-100% stakeholder impact Reviewed bi-annually in June & December

Request Review, Scoring, Prioritization & Approval

In depth details on the new project intake process are attached to this service and may accessed HERE. Each request type will undergo a slightly different review process however, all requests will be reviewed for the following:

  • Security
  • Technical Feasibility
  • IT Resource Capacity

Compliance Based Requests

Compliance related requests will be categorized based on the standard matrix, however, the review process will be expedited. Due to the urgent nature of these requests, a report will be presented to the requester outlining any concerns. The report will contain a projected completion date and will also include any project(s) that may be put on hold as a result of the additional work. Should issues be discovered during the review process, alternatives may be presented if available.

Level 1 and 2 Review Process

The Level 1 and 2 project request process relies heavily on security, technical feasibility and resource capacity planning. Security will complete a thorough review of the request which encompasses 50% of the overall request score. The remaining 50% of the score involves technical requirements, infrastructure, stakeholder impact, resource capacity, budget and value scoring criteria. Requests must receive a minimum score of 75% overall to be considered.

Level 3 Review Process

Level 3 project requests are much more time and resource intensive and are therefore prioritized bi-annually. They are reviewed for security and technical feasibility, and then scored by the Chief Information Officer (CIO). Requests are ranked alongside other requests received within the same request period. Capacity planning occurs after the requests are ranked to determine the number of requests which may be reasonably completed based on teams involved. This information is then presented to Cabinet. Requests which were not prioritized must submit a new request to be reviewed at the next bi-annual review process.


Project Request Form

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