Refund Request


Account holder may receive a refund from RaiderCard if they are graduating, withdrawing, or dismissed from GRCC. Additionally, you can ask for a refund if there has been a system malfunction related to parking or printing.

Key Features

  • Receive funds back from RaiderCard
  • Refunds will be issued through the BankMobile refund process within 15 business days after a valid request is received.


  • Any account holder who graduates, withdraws, or is dismissed from GRCC and has an account balance of $1.00 or more is eligible for a refund.
  • To receive a refund for a system malfunction, the user must have an active card.
RaiderCard Refund Form


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Thu 6/8/17 3:16 PM
Tue 8/8/17 4:10 PM