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Services related to all PeopleSoft environments may be found here.

Data Warehouse

The GRCC data warehouse is the collection of transactional data gathered and
organized so that it can be easily analyzed, extracted, synthesized, and otherwise used for the purposes of further understanding the data and enhancing the decision-making process. This enhances our ability to understand students and to implement new initiatives to impact student success.

Document Imaging

Services related to users currently using Perceptive Content or WebNow can be found here.

Formerly ImageNow by Perceptive Software, Perceptive Content is the document imaging system used by Grand Rapids Community College. Perceptive Content is a reliable solution for your document management needs. Perceptive Content works by capturing documents electronically and storing them on a central server. Once they have been captured they are inspected for quality and indexed with document keys, so they can be easily searched and retrieved. In addition to the electronic storage capabilities, Perceptive Content offers a powerful workflow component that can be used to process documents "electronically." Workflow can be setup to map any paper process, no matter how simple or complex, making business routines more streamlined, more accurate and faster. If your department does not currently utilize Perceptive Content for their needs, please consider submitting an IT Project request.

My Degree Path

My Degree Path is a web-based tool designed to help students stay on a clear path to graduation. It enables students and advisors to review coursework — past, present and future — and evaluate which degree requirements have been completed and which remain to be completed. It can be accessed by staff and students by logging into the Online Center.


Atrium is a transaction processing system tied to the GRCC RaiderCard. The system is also use to administrate door and parking on campus.


25Live is an online interface used to reserve and request classroom and event space on campus.

Digital Signage

Throughout GRCC's campuses web based digital signage systems are responsible for displaying department and campus news. These digital signs are GRCC branded, customizable, electronic information screens that display campus news and activities. These services may be used to request modifications to the data displayed, report issues, and request new signage on campus.