Popular Services

Form used when requesting any type of network account modification and rights provisioning including new hires, transfers, additional access, etc.

This service is available to faculty, adjuncts, staff, contingents, and student employees. Students requiring a loaner laptop should check out loaners through the library.

GRCC Students and Staff are eligible for a free Microsoft 365 account with an active GRCC email address. Use this service to create your account today!

Request a new computer for staff, labs, laptop carts, and tablets.

Request software for a lab, instructor station or office system.

Reset your network account password.

Request computer peripherals, wireless accessories, etc.

Submit a request to Information Technology

Use this form to request access to Adobe Named User Licensing.

Request a network username change to match your new legal name.

Request assistance with hardware related problems and issues.

Request a short or long term loaner computer, and multimedia equipment.

Check-out a laptop cart for classroom, single-day use.

Information Technology offers access to campus computers and the GRCC wireless / wired networks.

Request a computer replacement or upgrade.

Request removal of employee network and hardware rights.

Request for access to course templates within Blackboard.

Request Information Technology resources for your on or off campus events.

This service encompasses the new project request cycle which is an on-going request process.

Get assistance with Panopto, a multimedia platform for recording, sharing, and managing content.

Several technical issues may arise when traveling internationally. If you are leaving the country and plan to access any GRCC resources, we recommend you allow us to check for conflicts.

Web browsers offer a multitude of extensions to improve work productivity. Request specific Chrome extensions to be reviewed and implemented.

Google Groups allow you to communicate with large groups of people at GRCC.

Access the web-portal for staff email.