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Campus computers are eligible for replacement every four years for PC's and every six years for Macs. At this time, all Lenovo brand computers are eligible for replacement. If you are unsure if your computer is eligible, please contact the support desk.

**Since we can only budget for computers currently in inventory, there are certain circumstances that will require replacement computers be partially paid by the requesting department. These situations include: any situation that results in the replacement computer costing significantly more than a standard replacement. The amount varies for each situation, but generally the difference in cost for the upgrade will be the responsibility of the requesting department. For early replacements, a percentage of the new computer will be charged to the requesting department. Please reference the early replacement document to the right for additional information on early replacements. 

Information Technology does not impose limits on the number of mobile devices a department may purchase. Only mobile devices assigned, as the primary device, to full-time employees and desktops for part-time employees are eligible for replacement under Information Technology’s Lifecycle Replacement Budget. The replacement cost of mobile devices purchased by a department for use by Contingent, Student Employees, or other employee group not covered by Information Technology’s Lifecycle Replacement Budget are the sole responsibility of the requesting department.

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At this time. All Lenovo laptops and desktops are eligible for replacement.

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