Accounts & Access

The Information Technology department offers several accounts to campus citizens.

Categories (1)

Additional Network Access

Used to request ancillary (administrative) account access and rights (email alias, distribution lists, shared network drives, etc.)

Services (10)

Password Reset

Reset your network account passphrase.

Submit Network Account Provision Form

Form used when requesting any type of network account modification and rights provisioning including new hires, transfers, additional access, etc.

Account Orientation

Request orientation on one or more of GRCC's student or staff accounts.

Bitlocker Password Recovery

Request to have your Bitlocker Encryption Key recovered.

Directory Update

Request an update to the employee phone directory.

Employee Separation

Request removal of employee network and hardware rights.

Guest Access

Information Technology offers access to campus computers.

MyGRCC Account Name Change

Request a network username change to match your new legal name.

Request VPN Access

GRCC's VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides direct access to the college's shared drives and on campus required resources such as the use of the Cisco Softphone. Requests are limited to staff with prior supervisor approval.

Retiree Email Account

Retired GRCC faculty and staff are eligible to request their email account be converted to an to retain communication with the college.