Used to request ancillary (administrative) account access and rights (email alias, distribution lists, shared network drives, etc.)

Services (12)

Request Blackboard Transact Account

Manage an all-in-one campus cashless payment card (credential) and door access solution that gives the campus community a seamless, secure campus experience.

Request CRM Account

Request an administrative account to the GRCC CRM.

Request Email Alias

An alias is a way to disguise an email address. Everything sent to an alias email address is actually received in the primary email account's inbox.

Request Non-Student Computer Permit

Non-GRCC students will be required to purchase a permit card to use computers on campus. Permits may be purchased at the ATC Open Computer Lab.

Request Shared Network Drive Rights

Request additional Shared Network drive rights.

Request Siteimprove Account

Detect and correct instances of accessibility throughout the College’s website.

Request Web Editing Rights

Used to request editing rights on a GRCC website page.

TeamDynamix Access Request

Access to TeamDynamix portals.

Temporary Admin Access Pre-Approval

This service will start a process whereby the requestor will be evaluated for placement on a pre-approval list for expedited approval of future temporary admin access requests.

Temporary Admin Access Request

This service will grant the user temporary admin access to perform tasks or actions identified during the pre-approval process. Only those who have filled out the pre-approval form should request this service.