Closed Captioning Request


Need video content for a GRCC course captioned?  Before you request the service, please consider these important items:

  • The audio in the video must be audible and understandable.  If we can't hear what is said, we can't caption the file
    1. You must have permission for any video content you submit.  If you did not create the video yourself, you'll need to obtain written permission
    2. Completion times will vary, with priority given to those who have students needing an accommodation.  We will verify any accommodation claims with Disability Support Services.
    3. If you have concerns or questions about captioning at GRCC, please contact Captioning Services at

Key Features

  • Enabling Closed Captioning can help hearing impaired students to be able to benefit from a content video.


  • This service is available to all full time and adjunct faculty.
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