Digital Signage - Report an Issue


Throughout GRCC's campuses web based digital signage systems are responsible for displaying department and campus news. These digital signs are GRCC branded, customizable, electronic information screens that display campus news and activities. 

Key Features

  • Report witnessed issues with any campus digital sign
  • If you are experiencing problems with any campus digital sign, please review these most common user serviceable concerns:
    1. Black Screen? Verify power to the television – Please use your TV’s remote control or the power button on the TV to ensure the power is on. 
    2. Is the TV on, but nothing is displayed, or displays “no input signal”? – digital sign systems do not restart after a power loss. If you know where the sigital sign PC is located, and can reach it safely, verify that there is power to the PC and that the PC is on. If you do not have access to the PC, submit a service request. 
    3. Verify the TV is on the right input. If you have verified that both the TV and PC have power and that they are both turned on, and your system still isn’t displaying anything, the TV may be set to the wrong input. Using the TV’s remote control or button on the TV for “Input” or “source” change the input that the TV is set to. Be sure to wait 10 seconds for the input to change, before hitting the button again. If you cycle through the inputs and still get no display, submit a service request.


  • This service is available to all faculty and staff.
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