Media Services

Media Technologies offers a variety of services to support student learning and promote college goals.

Articles (8)

Loaner Microphone and Video Camera Availability

The process for obtaining a microphone or camera to use during the shutdown.

My Laptop Does Not Display In Class

Troubleshooting techniques when your laptop does not display in the classroom.

Playing a DVD from a Multimedia Station

How to use the DVD player inside a classroom multimedia podium or rack.

Projector not displaying an image

Quick troubleshooting tips if nothing will display on a classroom projector.

Scheduling a Media Event

Form found at to request a sound system, video projection system, multimedia or video conference setup for events on campus.

Using the Computer in a Multimedia Station

Instructions to operate the computers built into the classroom multimedia rack or podium.

Using your own Laptop with Classroom Media

Using your own laptop with the multimedia system in the classrooms