Media Services

Media Technologies offers a variety of services to support student learning and promote college goals.

Articles (7)

Connecting AUX Video in a Classroom

How to use the auxiliary inputs on a multimedia podium in a classroom.

Multimedia Podium Informational Packet

How to use the Multimedia Podium.

Playing a DVD from a Multimedia Station

How to use the DVD player inside a classroom multimedia podium or rack.

Projector not Displaying an Image

Quick troubleshooting tips if nothing will display on a classroom projector.

Scheduling a Media Event

Form found at to request a sound system, video projection system, multimedia or video conference setup for events on campus.

Using a Document Camera (ELMO)

How to use the Elmo/Document camera on the multimedia podium.

Using the Computer in a Multimedia Station

Instructions to operate the computers built into the classroom multimedia rack or podium.