Projector not Displaying an Image


A classroom projector is not displaying anything from the multimedia rack/podium.



  • Classroom Technologies



  1. Is the projector on?
    • Is there a light shining from the lens of the projector? (Do not look directly into the light!)
    • If there is no light, or nothing is displaying on the projector screen, try toggling the Display OFF and ON
      • Note: It can take a few minutes for the projector to turn off or on. Often times you will hear a beep as well as the fans when starting up.
  2. Make sure the AV MUTE button is not active.
  3. Is there a solid green indicator light anywhere on the projector?
    • Anything other than a solid green indicator light could indicate the projector is off, sleeping, or not functioning properly.
  4. Select a different source than the one you are trying to use, and then switch back to the desired source.
    • Note: To effectively toggle between inputs, both inputs must be on.
  5. Are the video cables connected securely?
  6. If using a personal computer or a multimedia station with a laptop:
    • Press FN+F4 or Windows  + P to toggle display settings
      • Make sure Extend or Duplicate/Mirror display is selected


If you have tried all of the following and the projector still is not displaying anything, please call the IT Support Desk at (616) 234-4357


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