My Laptop Does Not Display In Class


My laptop does not display to the class



  • Classroom Multimedia Station



  1. Determine which connection is being used
    1. VGA
      • If you need audio from the laptop or a wired network connector, connect those cables also.
      • If you are using a Mac, you will need a video adapter.  Adapters are available for check‐out from the Media Department
    2. HDMI - HDMI cable is labeled as such 
      • Audio is automatically transmitted through the HDMI cable 
  2. Choose the correct input button
    1. Press the “Laptop” button on the control panel to send the laptop's VGA video to the projector. 
    2. Press the "HDMI" button on the control panel to send the laptop's HDMI video to the projector

Troubleshooting Notes

  • If the desired source button is already lit when you first turn the system on but there is not video, you may have to press that source button once to make sure the projector receives the video.
  • If the projector still does not show the image from the laptop, you may have to enable the output from your laptop. Depending on the model, it will be either “Fn‐F4” or “Fn‐F7” – hold down the blue “Fn” key at the same time you press”F4” or “F7”.


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