Logging on to the GRCC Campus Wireless Network


Logging in to the GRCC WiFi.



  • GRCC Wireless is less restrictive, and should be used for general purposes.
  • GRCC Secure blocks access to certain sites, such as those related to video streaming, gaming, etc. This allows the network to be reserved for academic use and college business.
  • Note: If you are dual enrolled at Ferris and GRCC:
    • Ferris wireless access is administered through Ferris. Students should contact them directly in Room 180 of the ATC or call (616) 451-4777.



  1. First, locate the network by clicking on the Network Connection  icon
    • Windows 7/10: This will be located in the bottom right, next to the clock
    • Mac OS: This will be located in the top right, next to the clock
  2. Choose the GRCC Wireless or GRCC Secure network
  3. Click on Connect to connect to wireless
  4. GRCC Secure will prompt you to enter your credentials within the system window, while GRCC Wireless may open a browser window, or you may have to navigate to a webpage manually, such as grcc.edu.
    • You will use your Campus Network Login (same as Blackboard or computer login)


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