Resetting Your Password with the GRCC Password Reset Tool


Password Self-Service is GRCC's Password Reset system. 

Along with a few other systems, this tool will reset your password for: 

  • Online Center
  • Blackboard
  • Email
  • PeopleSoft (CS/HRProd)
  • Campus Computers
  • WiFi  

There are two ways to access the password reset system

  1. - Web based and can be accessed anywhere to reset passwords.
  2. Lookup profile - Can only be accessed on campus computers and primarily used when a user gets locked out of the workstation.



Online Password Reset

If Current Password is Known

If Current Password is Not Known


Campus Computer

"lookup" Profile

  1. Enter the word "lookup" for both the user name and password fields when logging into a campus computer.
    • A browser will launch directly to the MyGRCC Portal
  2. Follow directions for Recovering an unknown username or password


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