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What are the different features on my Cisco Phone?
I would like to know how to use the Hold, Do Not Disturb, iDivert, and Call Park features on my Cisco phone.



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  1. While on a call, press the Hold softkey.
  2. To return to a call, press the Resume softkey.

Do Not Disturb

  1. Use Do Not Disturb when you do not wish to take any calls. To do so, press the DND softkey, this will silence the ringer of your phone and the caller will automatically be sent to voicemail after a half ring.
  2. To cancel, press the DND softkey again.


  1. Press the iDivert softkey and the call will be sent directly to your voicemail greeting. (or back to the phone queue)

Call Park

Call Park may be used during a call to transfer the call to a queue where any other Cisco phone may pick it up (within a time limit).

  1. During a call press the Park softkey, your phone will automatically select a park number. Note the call park number displayed on your phone screen.
  2. To retrieve that call, dial the park number on any Cisco phone to connect.
  3. You have a limited amount of time to retrieve a parked call before it reverts back to the extension from which it was parked.


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