Create appointment slots in Google Calendar


How do I create appointment slots in my Google Calendar? 



  • Google Calendar



You can set up a block of appointments on your calendar that other people can reserve. For example, instructors can invite their students to reserve time during office hours each week.


  1. Navigate to your Google Calendar 
  2. Once in Google Calendar. navigate to the Create button on the left corner under the Google Logo.
  3. Add a name for your Appointment Events
  4. Below the title, change the option to appointment slots
  5. Add the dates, times, and duration
  6. Select any other necessary options, and select save.

After you've set up the appointment block, you can invite people to reserve a slot with a link to your appointments page

  1. Open Google Calendar.
  2. Click your appointment and then Go to appointment page for this calendar.
  3. Copy and paste the appointment page link from your browser.
  4. Send this link to people who want to reserve an appointment slot.



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