Mobile Voice Access


How can I make calls while off campus that appear as though I am on campus?



You can use Mobile Voice Access

Mobile Voice Access is used to make calls from a single phone line using a personal device.  It also includes the option activate Mobile Connect which rings your personal device when your desk phone rings that line.  This is an excellent alternative for call forwarding a single line as well.

Access to Mobile Voice Access will need to be granted by IT. They will require a personal phone number to get set up. 



Mobile Voice Access allows you to make calls from a cell phone, landline phone, or Google voice number while making the call appear as if you are on campus.

Making a Call With Mobile Voice

  1. Call 616-234-4001 - You should hear a Welcome prompt and be asked for a PIN number.
    • If you hear a prompt asking you for your remote destination number, then let IT know as there is a configuration issue that will need to be resolved.
  2. Enter your PIN: 1234
    • 1234 is the default PIN
  3. Press 1 to make a call.
  4. When entering the number to make a call, enter the digits just like you would from on campus, including 9 for an outside line and 1 for long distance calls.


  • The caller will see your caller ID as the phone number assigned to your GRCC Phone.
  • You do not have to wait for the prompts to complete. You may begin entering your PIN or the phone number as soon as the prompt begins.


Set up Call Forwarding With Mobile Voice

  1. Call 616-234-4001
  2. Enter your PIN: 1234
    • 1234 is the default PIN
  3. Choose from the following options
    1. Press 2 to have your personal device to ring when your campus extension rings
    2. Press 3 to make it so no additional devices ring when your campus extension rings


  • Unanswered calls should be sent to your campus voicemail, there is a chance that they could reach your personal voicemail if your device is not turned on or in a dead zone.


Turn off Mobile Voice

  1. Call 616-234-4001
  2. Enter your PIN: 1234
    • 1234 is the default PIN
  3. Listen and choose the option to turn off


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