Voicemail Pin Reset


How do I reset my voicemail PIN?



  • Cisco Phone
  • Voicemail



Your voicemail pin will expire every 182 days and must be changed to a new, unique number.



I don't know my current PIN

  1. Log into the Cisco Unity web portal
    • This is only accessible from on campus or through VMWare
  2. Click Settings, this will open a new tab
  3. Select the Passwords Menu
  4. Click Change PIN
  5. Enter your new PIN and confirm
  6. Click Save

If unable to complete these steps please reach out to the Support Desk at (616)234-4357 for further assistance.

I know my current PIN

  1. Press the messages button on the cisco phone
  2. Enter current PIN
  3. Press 4 for Set up Options
  4. Press 3 for Preferences
  5. Press 1 for PIN
  6. Enter new PIN (must be at least 5 digits and different than any other PIN you've used)
  7. Re-enter new PIN


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