Voicemail Pin Reset


How do I reset my voicemail PIN?



  • Cisco Phone
  • Voicemail



Your voicemail pin will expire every 182 days and must be changed to a new, unique number.



I don't know my current PIN

  1. Log into the Cisco Unity web portal
    • This is only accessible from on campus or through VMware
  2. Click Settings, this will open a new tab
  3. Select the Passwords Menu
  4. Click Change PIN
  5. Enter your new PIN and confirm
  6. Click Save

I know my current PIN

  1. Press the messages button on the cisco phone
  2. Enter current PIN
  3. Press 4 for Set up Options
  4. Press 3 for Preferences
  5. Press 1 for PIN
  6. Enter new PIN (must be at least 5 digits and different than any other PIN you've used)
  7. Re-enter new PIN


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