Create a Vacation Rule


An out of office email needs to be sent to any emails received.



  • Gmail



  1. Click the settings icon  in the top right 
  2. Click See All Settings
  3. On the General Tab, scroll to the bottom to Vacation responder
  4. Toggle the option to Vacation responder on
  5. Set the First day of your vacation
  6. Check the box for Last day and add the last day of your vacation for the responder to automatically stop responding. (optional)
  7. Fill in the Subject and Message fields as desired
  8. Choose who you would like to send the responses to
    1. Check the box to Only send a response to people in my Contacts to only send to those you frequently correspond with or personal contacts added to your contact list
    2. Check the box to Only send a response to people in Grand Rapids Community College to send only to people with email addressees
    3. Leaving both options unchecked will send the response to everyone who contacts you
  9. Click Save Changes


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