Updating and Verifying Departmental Phone Hours

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How do I update or verify the phone hours for my department?



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While we encourage you to use this feature, you may still request hours changes through the IT Customer Support desk.  We will also handle anything you have already requested.

  • You will still need to contact us for some changes (such as a mid-day closure for something like the Employee Appreciation Event), but you can use this system for things like opening the phones on Service Saturday.
  • You must call from a campus extension that is approved to make changes to hours for your department.  Department supervisors are set up by default.  You can request additional internal extensions by making a request to ITSupport.

When updating hours, there are some important things to remember: 

  • Hours should be entered in 24-hour format using all 4 digits (i.e. 0900 for 9:00 AM and 16:45 for 4:45 PM)
  • When entering closing times, enter the times that the phones will stop taking calls, not the time your office closes for business.
  • Dates should be entered using six digits (i.e. 031719 for March 17, 2019)
  • Always press the # key after entering a date or time.



  1. From an on campus phone, dial 4687.  You will be asked to select a department.
  2. Once a department is selected, the system will verify if that phone is allowed to update hours for the selection you made.  If the verification fails, the call will disconnect.
  3. Select if you want to update normal or special hours
    • Normal hours are the hours you are open for the week (Mon-Thu, Fri).  You will be asked to enter hours for Monday – Thursday, Friday, and in some cases Weekends.
    • Special hours are when your hours change for a specific day during the week.  You may schedule up to 5 special hours.  When you make this selection, any past special hours are removed from the system.  You may also manually remove any future dates.
  4. Depending on the selection made, enter the dates and/or hours as needed.  Your entries will be read back to you so you can verify the information is correct before saving.
  5. Be sure to stay on the line until your hear “The hours have been successfully updated.”  Any changes you made will not take effect until you hear this message.  This message may play even if you did not make any changes.


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