Setting Up Cisco Phone Voicemail Notifications in Gmail


How can I get email notifications when I get a voicemail on my Cisco IP Phone?



  • G Suite
    • Gmail
  • Cisco 
    • IP Phone
    • Cisco Unity



This process will only be available on campus, through VMware or GlobalProtect (VPN).

This process is only for individual extensions not for department lines.



  1. Navigate to Cisco Unity Web Inbox
  2. Log in using your MyGRCC Credentials
  3. Click Settings
  4. Click Notification Devices
  5. Click View Notification Devices
  6. Click HTML in the devices column.
  7. Check box next to Notification Enabled
  8. ​​Enter your email in To: field
  9. Select New_VM_Message under Select HTML Template drop down
  10. Ensure the all voice messages box is checked
    • You can choose what times of the day to be notified. The default notification schedule is 24 hours.
  11. Click Save
  12. Click Notification Devices
  13. Click View Notification Devices.
  14. Ensure the box next to HTML is checked
  15. Click Save


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