Rebooting a Cisco IP Phone


A Cisco IP Phone is experiencing issues such as:

  1. Malfunctioning corporate directory
  2. Expansion Module/Sidecar gets stuck on Cisco splash screen
  3. One party experiences difficulties hearing the call
  4. "Host Not Found" error



  • Cisco IP Phones



Physical Phone

Method 1:

  1. Press the Settings button
  2. Enter * * # * * in rapid succession

Method 2:

Disconnect the ethernet cord from the phone and plug it back in. The ethernet cord that supplies power is located in the middle of the three available cords on the back of the phone. Make sure any documents have been saved on the associated computer as disconnecting the phone ethernet cable will disrupt the network connectivity to the workstation.


Virtual Phone

  1. Click the Menu button 
  2. Click Exit
  3. Search for and reopen the application


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