Forwarding Calls and Conference Calls

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User does not know how to forward calls or begin conference calls using the Cisco IP Phone.



Cisco IP Phones



Forwarding calls:

  1. Press the CFwdAll softkey.
  2. You will hear two beeps. Dial the number to which you would like to forward the calls, or press Messages.
  3. To cancel, press the CFwdAll softkey.


Conferencing calls:

  1. During a call, press the More softkey to view more options.
  2. Press the Confrn softkey.
  3. Your phone will automatically put your original call on hold and open a new line.
  4. Dial the extension or phone number that you would like to add to the conference.
  5. When you have your new caller on the line, press the Confrn softkey again.
  6. Repeat to add additional callers.


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