ImageNow Client not Compatible with the ImageNow Server


Users receive an error message when attempting to connect to the ImageNow server.  This version of the ImageNow Client is not compatible with the ImageNow Server.  You must update the client to version [Number] before logging in.



  • Perceptive Content



  1. Close the ImageNow client. 
  2. Expand the Start Menu.
  3. Launch the Software Center.
  4. Select the most recent version of the ImageNow client.  
    • Note: ImageNow has been rebranded to Perceptive Content
  5. Click the Install button. 
  6. Launch the ImageNow client.
  7. Log into the ImageNow client. 


Note: eDocs is recommend unless users are scanning documents into Perceptive Content through an ImageNow scanner.


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Fri 7/23/21 12:45 PM