Respondus LockDown Browser Settings Error Kicking Students Out of Exams


Students are getting kicked out of exam in Respondus LockDown Browser with an error message.

"There is a problem with the settings for this exam. The instructor needs to use the LockDown Browser "dashboard" to enable the setting for this exam".


  • Respondus
    • LockDown Browser
  • Blackboard



This error can happen if the course is a copy of another course, or if the exam has been migrated from an older course. To fix the error, the instructor needs to open the LockDown Browser Dashboard for the course.

  1. Log in in Blackboard.
  2. Navigate to course.
  3. Expand Course Tools under Course Management on the bottom left menu. 
  4. Click Respondus LockDown Browser
  5. On the Respondus LockDown Browser Dashboard, locate the exam with the issue. 
  6. Click the Fix it button. 
  7. Students should now be able to take the test. 

Reference the Respondus Knowledge Base Article on this issue for more information. 

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Fri 8/25/23 1:46 PM
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