Logging into a Mac after password change


I just changed my network username and now I get "system was unable to unlock your login keychain".
When opening a program I am receiving a pop up asking for the keychain password. example: "Adobe Acrobat wants to use the "Local Items" keychain."



  • Mac OS workstations on GRCC Campuses



Best practice for MacOS users would be to update their passwords on a different device through the MyGRCC Portal to prevent issues.

After changing the campus network password, users will be prompted with the message: The system was unable to unlock your login keychain.

Always choose Create New Keychain

Choosing Continue to Login will cause a mismatch in keychains. The only way to fix this issue is for the user to change their password on a difference device and chose Create New Keychain upon next login.


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Tue 7/18/17 4:11 PM
Thu 5/11/23 6:54 AM