Adobe Access for Students


Beginning August 21, 2023, students will have 3 options for accessing Adobe Products while enrolled at GRCC. All options require a student to have an Adobe ID. If you do not have an Adobe ID, you can create one for free. Please reference the following article HERE on how to create an Adobe ID.

VMWare Horizon Adobe Pool

Utilizing VMWare Horizon, students can access the entire Adobe Creative Cloud Suite from home while also having access to enterprise grade hardware dedicated for Adobe use! Students enrolled in courses which require the use of Adobe products will be given access to the Adobe Remote Lab via VMWare Horizon. Students will receive access to the remote lab at the beginning of each semester and will maintain access until the conclusion of each semester or until an eligible course is dropped. The following courses are eligible for access to the remote lab:

Course Offering Course Description
AT 130 Two Dimensional Design | Principles
AT 131 Color
AT 132 Digital Foundation
AT 150 Three Dimensional Design
AT 215 Painting II
AT 216 Digital Painting
AT 260 Graphic Design I
AT 261 Graphic Design II
CIS 120 Introduction to Graphic Software / Photoshop and Illustrator
CIS 122 Digital Illustration / Illustator
CIS 148 HTML Essentials
CIS 149 Web Design I
CIS 152 Digital Imaging I / Photoshop
CIS 162 Desktop Publishing I / InDesign
CIS 208 Web Animation
CIS 249 Web Design II
CIS 250 3D Animation and Modeling / 3D Studio-Max
CIS 252 Digital Imaging II / Photoshop
CIS 262 Desktop Publishing II / InDesign
CIS 279 Digital Portfolio
DMP 215 Digital Video Production
INT 101 Interior Design Studio I
INT 127 Drafting for Interior Design
INT 210 Materials for Interior Design
JR 252 Advanced News Writing and Reporting
PO 101 Photography I
PO 102 Photography II
PO 106 Digital Imaging I
PO 230 Digital Imaging II
PO 245 Studio Lighting
PO 260 Introduction to Video

Computer Labs

Students which may or may not be enrolled in the courses above may also access the ATC Open Tutorial Lab in the Applied Technology Center room 215 or by visiting the Library located in the Learning Resource Center room 110. The ATC Open Lab also has a limited number of remote access stations available for students to access via VMWare Horizon.

Discounted Purchase

Students and faculty may purchase an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription at discounted pricing using their GRCC email address. Additional information may be found HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions

What email address does my Adobe ID need to be registered under? Students may use their GRCC email address or a personal email address to create an Adobe ID.

What if I enrolled in a course after the start date? Users are updated every 15 minutes. You may always access the ATC Open Lab remotely or visit the ATC Open Lab or Library in person should you need access sooner.

If I drop my course, can I still access Adobe products? Yes, as long as you are still enrolled at GRCC you can access Adobe products in the ATC Open Lab or Library but not via the remote lab (VMWare Horizon).

I have a subscription to Adobe products, can GRCC cancel this for me? No, GRCC does not have any control over your personal Adobe account, even if you used your GRCC email address. Please make sure you are logging in using the "Personal Account" option if you wish to cancel an existing subscription.

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