Softkey Explanation for Cisco Phones


What softkeys do I have on my Cisco phone?



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There are four softkeys on your phone just below the display screen, these keys will change depending on the status of your phone.

Common softkeys:

  • Transfer - Allows a call to be transferred by hitting the softkey, dialing the extension, then hitting the transfer softkey again.
  • Answer - Allows the call to be picked up via speakerphone.
  • Hold - Puts a call on hold.
  • Resume - Take a call off of hold.
  • DND - Do Not Disturb, silences the ringer of your phone, the call will be transferred to voicemail after a half ring.
  • iDivert - If a call is received during another call press this softkey and the call will be transferred to voicemail.
  • Confrn - Puts the current call on hold and opens a new line. Dial the desired extension to conference with, when the new caller is on the line press the COnfrn softkey again. Repeat to add additional callers.
  • Park - Pressing the park softkey will automatically select a park number, remember this number. To retrieve a parked call dial the number displayed on any Cisco phone to connect. Remember you have a limited amount of time before the call reverts back to the extension from which it was parked.
  • New Call - Pressing this softkey will open the line for a new call through speakerphone. The handset or headset may be picked up to take the call.
  • Redial - This redials the last number called from the phone.
  • EndCall - Ends the current call on the line selected.


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