Call Transfer


How to transferring a call



  • Cisco



During a call

  1. Press the Transfer softkey.
    1. Your phone will automatically put your original call on hold and open a new line.
  2. Dial the number to which you want to transfer your caller.
    1. Your phone will now connect to this number.
  3. Press the Transfer softkey again.
    1. You are now disconnected from the call.


  • Hanging up without pressing Transfer the second time places the call on hold. Use the resume softkey to get the caller back.
  • You cannot use Transfer to redirect a call on hold. Press resume to remove the call from hold before transferring.


Types of Transfers

  1. Cold Transfer- Press Transfer, dial the number, press Transfer again, hang up.
  2. Warm Transfer- Press Transfer, dial the number, wait on the line, announce the call, press Transfer again, hang up.
  3. Direct to Voicemail- Press Transfer, press * key, dial the extension, press Transfer, hang up. 


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