Adobe Licensing


In 2019, Adobe announced plans to cease utilization of serialized licensing. Users of Adobe products at GRCC will be required to use one of the two licensing models listed below.


Shared Device Licensing (SDL)

Shared Device Licensing (SDL) is a licensing model which allows GRCC IT administrators to create packages of Adobe software for end users. Users who only need Acrobat Pro or those who are not full-time employees will use this method, as well as all instructional use labs and classrooms with Adobe software installed. SDL was created for customers with multi-user labs such as the computer labs at GRCC. With shared device licenses, users are required to sign-in with an Adobe ID prior to using any Adobe CC product.

Creating an Adobe ID

With shared device licenses, users must create an Adobe ID or use an existing one. GRCC does not create Adobe ID's for SDL.

  1. Open any Adobe CC 2019 application or click here.
  2. When the application launches, a sign-in window will appear. If you already have an Adobe ID, you may sign in with it here. If you do not have an Adobe ID, you may create one by clicking any of the options available:
    • Using the Google option is by far the easiest and quickest way to create a new Adobe ID. Simply enter your GRCC email address and password, and allow Adobe to use your information.
  3. Enter your birthday in the Adobe ID window, and accept the terms. You may then close the window as instructed.
  4. You will now be automatically logged in and can begin using Adobe CC 2019.
  5. Signing in through Google in the future will only require you to enter your email and password.

Installing Adobe Products for Shared Device Licensing

Faculty and staff can choose from one of six Adobe packages which are available in the Software Center. Labs and classrooms which utilize Adobe products will have a predetermined set of applications already installed. The six options are listed below with details on what is included. These suites should mirror how Adobe already bundles there applications.

< Product Name  / Image Name > Acrobat for Shared Device Licensing Design Apps for Shared Device Licensing Photography Apps for Shared Device Licensing Audio & Video Apps for Shared Device Licensing Web & UX Apps for Shared Device Licensing All Adobe Apps
After Effects        
Character Animator          
Lightroom Classic        
Media Encoder        
Premiere Pro        
Premiere Rush        


Named User Licensing (NUL)

Named User Licensing (NUL) requires an IT Administrator to assign a license to a new or existing Adobe ID. Due to this being a manual process and to ensure license compliance, this model is only available to full-time faculty and staff. If you would like to request a named user license, you may do so here.

Using your Named User License

Once your request for an Adobe NUL has been processed, you will receive an email sent directly from Adobe. Instructions in this email will require you to create a password. Please note, this password will not be synced to your GRCC password. The licensing for a NUL allows you to be signed in to two devices concurrently. This means you can use your Adobe ID to install Adobe applications on a home computer.

Installing Adobe Software on your GRCC device with a Named User License

  • From the Start Menu, scroll down to folder titled "Microsoft Endpoint Manager" and click on it to expand. Click Software Center.
  • Locate the application titled "Adobe Creative Cloud", and click on it.
  • Click Install.
  • Once the Creative Cloud Desktop application has been installed, you can locate it within your start menu. 
  • Once opened, you now have the ability to install, upgrade and remove any and all available Adobe applications on your GRCC device.


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