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How do I share my video in Panopto? 



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Panopto videos will not automatically be visible to anyone you share the link with, you must edit the share settings to give viewers access.

  1. Log in to Panopto.
  2. Click My Folder from the menu to the left.
    • You can also click Everything or Browse options if you are having trouble locating the video. 
  3. Choose the desired video.
  4. Hover your cursor or the video thumbnail and click the icon in the top right.
  5. Select Share on the left. 
  6. Click Change underneath Who can access this video and choose from one of the following options.  
    1. Restricted
      • Individuals will need to be added at the top of the dialog box. 
      • You must enter their GRCC email address as the name does not auto-populate. 
    2. Your Organization (unlisted)
      • Choose this option if you wish to share the video with anyone at GRCC, including students
    3. Public (unlisted)
      • Anyone who has access to the link can view the video. No log in required.

Reference this article from Panopto for additional information on sharing a video. 

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