Can't Open .HEIC File Type


Unable to open HEIC File Type



  • Windows



  The HEIC file type is a proprietary Apple equivalent to the HEIF file format. This is unreadable on most Windows computers without a converter or a special application.



ImageGlass, which is a lightweight photo viewer can be added to any GRCC office computer through the software center. ImageGlass can read these file types.

  1. Type software center in the windows search bar and select the Software Center application
  2. Select the ImageGlass application and click install.
  3. Once installation is complete, open the application
    • Select Continue Without Installing Update If prompted
  4. Once the application is open click the menu by select the three horizontal lines in the uper right corner and select open file
  5. select the .heic file to open and select open. 


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Tue 11/3/20 10:27 AM
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