Information and instructions relating to software provided by GRCC Information Technology.

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Microsoft Windows operating system

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Apple's Mac OS

Microsoft Office

Including: Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Visio

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Access to AutoCAD Software on a Personal Device

AutoDesk provides free educational licensing for all instructors and students.

Adobe Connect Requires Add-on to join Webinar (Chrome)

In order to connect via Adobe Connect, you must you a web browser that supports Adobe Flash.

Adobe Creative Cloud for Personal Devices

Aquiring Adobe Creative Cloud products for a Personal Computer

Clearing Cookies and Cache

How to clear your temporary internet files (cache) and cookies in your internet browser.

Creating a Work Profile in Google Chrome

Creating a Google Chrome profile to help manage personal and work browsing data

Creating an OnTheHub Account

How to make an account for GRCC's OnTheHub Webpage, where students, faculty, and staff can access a variety of software at a discount.

Enable SolidWorks Dynamic Reference Visualization

Enabling Dynamic Reference Visualization in Solidwork, as it cannot be set by default during deployment.

Enable Third-Party Cookies

Enabling third-party cookies can help with issues regarding on websites that require it, such as Blackboard SafeAssign.

Exporting and Importing Bookmarks in Firefox

How to export and import your favorites/bookmarks in Firefox

Install Software through the Software Center

Instructions on accessing the Microsoft System Center Software Center.

Multimedia Station Video Playback Defaults

Setting Cyberlink PowerDVD to default when opening up MPEG video files in Windows 10

NetOps VisionPro Shows Black Screens

Troubleshooting issues with NetOps not displaying student screens

Purchasing Discounted Software through OnTheHub

Purchasing software through Grand Rapids Community College’s OnTheHub webpage.

Syncing GRCC Chrome Profiles

Syncing your chrome profile data with Google Chrome

TechSmith Relay Discontinued

How to record and upload videos now that Relay is no longer in use.

Verify Java Version

Instructions to check for your current version of Java.