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Timesheet submission not received by supervisor

How to troubleshoot an issue where an employee's timesheet has not been received by the supervisor. ... Issue An employee has submitted their timesheet, but their supervisor has not received it in Perceptive Content.    Environment Perceptive Content (ImageNow) eDocs

Delegating Backup to ImageNow/Perceptive Content Supervisor Queue

Updating backup supervisor queue delegation or proxy to Perceptive Content using the Online Center ... Question How do I delegate my Supervisor/Timesheet approval queue to another employee?   Environment Perceptive Content (ImageNow) Online Center   Answer Users with

Request VPN Access

GRCC's VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides direct access to the college's shared drives and on campus required resources such as the use of the Cisco Softphone. Requests are limited to staff with prior supervisor approval. ... Description Full detailed description of the service Key Features Access to the Virtual Private Network for use of the Cisco Softphone Eligibility Staff and Faculty with prior supervisor approval ​​​​​​​Requirements Supervisor approval required

Employee Separation

Introduction Supervisors can submit a Network Account Provisioning form to deactivate an employee's rights upon separation, retirement, or temporary leave from GRCC. Eligibility Hiring Supervisors

Unable to Route Forward Timesheet or Leave of Absence

Issue When a Supervisor routes a document forward the receive the error message: This item does not meet the route condition. Select an alternative route or contact your ImageNow administrator

Door Access

Introduction Supervisors may request key and RaiderCard building access from Campus Police. Requesting this service directs users to the applicable form.  Key Features Door access is granted

SSRS Login Request

reports give you a quick interactive list of variables to retrieve enterprise-level data for information consumers, information explorers, and analysts. Eligibility  Needs to have supervisor approval.

Request Siteimprove Account

, etc.) Identifies Accessibility Issues Eligibility Must be Web Editor or a supervisor of a Web Editor

Website Access Request

the college’s website that best fits your role and position.  Key Features Website Access Review Grant access to new departments Remove access that is no longer required Eligibility  Website editor access must be requested by department supervisor.

Web Editor Training

profile Update Department homepages Update documents Review pages for common accessibility errors Eligibility Website editor access must be requested by department supervisor.

Web Content Edits and Development

you get a handle on the content that best supports our users.  Webforms can collect information from website users. Key Features Write, edit and review website content Site audit and organization Analytics Webform Development Eligibility Website editors or department supervisors

Pyramid Login Request

analysis.   Eligibility GRCC Faculty and Staff that have supervisor approval and go through Pyramid training

Adobe Creative Cloud for Personal Devices

temporary Creative Cloud accounts for part time faculty/staff available upon request and pending supervisor approval. All other faculty and staff may purchase a discounted license through Adobe's website

Transferring Google Drive file or folder ownership

Question How do I transfer ownership of a file to my supervisor or someone else at GRCC?    Environment Google Workspace Google Drive   Answer Navigate to your

Submit Network Account Provision Form

Eligibility Any hiring supervisor may submit a request on behalf of an employee. Logging into Support Desk Service Catalog is required to use this service, hence a physical form is no longer required if it is submitted via the Support Portal.