Google Hangouts Chat


Google Hangouts Chat is a cloud messaging platform built for teams. Hangouts Chat makes it easy for teams to be able to get their work done in one place. From direct messages to group conversations, Chat helps teams collaborate easily and efficiently. With dedicated, virtual rooms to house projects over time — plus threaded conversations — Chat makes it simple to track progress and follow up tasks.

Capabilities, Benefits and Key Features

  • Integrated with G Suite
  • Embedded single sign-on, two factor authentication security
  • Chat from anywhere you have access to your G Suite account


  • All students, faculty, and staff.

Getting Started

You can access Google Hangouts Chat directly by going to and entering your Campus Network email address and password.

Data Security

Google Drive is not approved for storing restricted information, such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)- and Family Education Rights and Portability Act (FERPA)-related data.


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