Pairing Plantronic Headsets for Conferencing/Call Shadowing


How do I pair another headset to my phone so that a nearby co-worker can join in/listen in to the conversation?



  • Cisco IP Phone
  • Plantronics C054 Headset



While in an call:

  1. Dock the 2nd users headset into your headset dock
  2. The primary user should hear 3 beeps after a few seconds
  3. On the primary users headset Press the Answer/Hang Up button (#4 in diagram below) within 10 seconds of the beeps
  4. The 2nd user should now be able to un-dock the headset and participate in the call
    • If the 2nd user is only monitoring the call, press inwards on the volume toggle switch (#3 in diagram below)

Note that the connection will remain until the 2nd user docks their headset back into their original dock.

C054 Headset Image



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