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How do I use Discussion boards?



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Access the discussion board by a link in the content area or in the course menu. The discussion board is organized by Forums. In each forum, users can add Threads to the broad topic in the forum. Threads are the user’s reply to the forum. Threads share ideas and attachments.

To respond to a forum, click Create Thread. If you would like to reply to an existing thread, click on the thread topic to reply to them. The Instructor has to make editing and deleting posts available, these options may not be available.


  • Under Blackboard – My Courses, click the link for the course in which you would like to participate in a discussion
  • Click the Discussion board link in the Course Menu
    • You can also select the Discussion board from the Communications sub-menu
  • Click the title of the Discussion Board you would like to participate in. In the example below, you could click on “Grade This” or “Testing Forum”
  • To add a thread (or topic), click the Add New Thread button
  • Enter the subject (or title) of your discussion post in the Subject field. Then, enter your message in the Message text box. If you would like to attach a file to the post, click the Browse button to select the file you would like to attach.
  • Click the Submit button to submit your post

Follow the steps below to reply to a post:

  • Click the subject of the post to view the message (to send an e-mail to the author of the message, click the author's name beside the subject)
  • Click the Reply button that appears at the end of the post
  • Enter your response in the message box
  • Click the Submit button to post your reply

Issues submitting to Discussion Board

  • Switch browsers
  • Clear Cookies and Cache
  • Verify plugins are updated
  • Verify browsers are updated
  • Contact Instructor about course


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