Blackboard High Contrast Accessibility Setting


The High Contrast mode in Blackboard does not provide enough contrast for those with visual impairments.



  • MyGRCC
  • Blackboard
  • Microsoft Windows



Blackboard does not have its own high contrast color scheme. Users, however, can configure Blackboard to respect the Operating System's (OS) high contrast color settings. You will need to configure the computer to use a high contrast color scheme and then make the configuration on Blackboard.



  1. Configure your operating system's high contrast settings
  2. Configure Blackboard to use operating system contrast settings  
    1. Login to MyGRCC and go to Blackboard
    2. Click the profile drop down menu in the upper right hand corner 
    3. Click Settings > High Contrast Settings
    4. Chose the option that says "Yes, I will use Operating System styles to overwrite Blackboard styles" 
    5. Click Submit to save changes 

Note: It's recommended to use Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge browsers when using these features.


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