Blackboard Course Contacts


Adding contacts relating to the course for students to access.



  • Blackboard



Use the contacts tool to add profile information about yourself and other staff for students. You can provide information about office hours, phone numbers, and other links to help students find the people who have important roles in your course.



  1. Scroll down to Course Management, select Course Tools, and select Contacts from the drop down menu.
  2. Select Create Folder to organize the profiles.
    • For example, create a teaching assistant folder and assign all TA contacts to it.
  3. You can also select Create Contact, allowing you to enter a Title, First and Last name, Email, Phone number, Office location, and other notes. You can also attach an image if you choose.
  4. Click Submit

For more information, please view the Blackboard Help article on adding contact information to a Blackboard course.


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