No Signal on Monitor


A monitor is not displaying an image and is indicating no source or input available.



  • Classroom Technology
  • Faculty/Staff Workstation
  • Lab Workstation



  1. Is the monitor powered on?
    • There should be a green light indicating it is powered on.
    • If the light is orange/yellow the monitor is in standby mode. 
      • Standby means the monitor is not receiving a signal due to the computer being asleep, not plugged in, or the wrong source is selected.
  2. Switch to a different source on the monitor (physical button on the monitor, often shown as a rectangle with an arrow coming out of it)
  3. Ensure that the monitor cables are securely plugged into the computer and the monitor. 
  4. Ensure the computer/laptop is powered on.
  5. Reboot or re-seat the laptop on the docking station.

If you are still experiencing issue with your monitor, please contact the IT Support Desk at (616) 234-4357


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Tue 7/18/17 3:29 PM
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